Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers under 500 in India

Music has undoubtedly become an integral part of our life. It not only helps one in relieving stress and tension but also helps in improving concentration. Everyone loves to carry the portable device that takes them into the world of nirvana. There are multiple features that are offered by good portable wireless Bluetooth speakers.

But, one of the constraints that come before buying a speaker is the price, and there are multiple brands available in the online marketplace that are offering top-notch quality Bluetooth speakers under the budget price of Rs. 500. 

Best Bluetooth Speakers under 500

Below given are some of the best sorted Bluetooth speakers under INR 500 that can be connected to your mobile, tablet, computer, laptop, and other devices. Also, along with this curated list, there are pros and cons of each speaker with key points that one must focus on while purchasing a Bluetooth speaker and most frequently asked questions about them.

1) Tygot Bluetooth Speaker Portable

Tygot Bluetooth Speaker Portable 5W Wireless Speaker with...

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Tygot wireless portable speakers come with super bass technology. Hence for those who love to have effects of music more than ordinary speakers, this can be the best choice. You get advanced Bluetooth speakers incorporated with the latest version of Bluetooth 4.2. This Bluetooth speaker supports a variety of source devices to link with it easily, such as personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and many other Bluetooth devices. You get a clear and dynamic sound with this portable speaker at all levels.

It is a small and compact Bluetooth device that also supports line-in audio (AUX cable) that lets you connect with computer speakers easily. They have a dual-mode power supply with built-in lithium batteries. You can also use your speaker device with a USB interface or a power supply or DC5V. It works on a frequency of 20Hz to 15kHz. It has a rechargeable battery with a backup of 8 hours, and it takes a total charging time of 1 and a half hours. With this portable speaker, you get Bluetooth compatibility with all mobile, such as Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, One Plus, Honour, Realme, and iPhone.


  • It has an extra-long rechargeable battery of 1200 mAh.
  • It has a loudspeaker with an output of 5W stereo. 
  • It works in a range of 10 meters.
  • It Provides non-stop entertainment of over 5-6 hours with a fully charged battery.


  • It has a playtime of 3 hours.
  • The Bluetooth range works in the line of sight


It is an outdoor portable speaker that is backed up by an extra-long rechargeable battery of 1200 mAh, which provides playtime of 3 hours. It is a small device that is compact and fits into a bag easily. This quality makes it best for people who love traveling. It has a built-in TF card reader that can play TF cards stored in mp3 and WMA format music directly. This mini portable speaker is trendy and looks stylish when taken out in outdoor places. It is equipped with an advanced Bluetooth decode chip that supports all Bluetooth connectivity devices.

It is a wireless music streaming device that comes with Bluetooth of version 4.1.  You can easily connect your source devices such as laptops, smartphones, and etcetera with this smart Bluetooth device. This device also supports FM radio, AUX input, and TF card from any other analog sound device. This can be a significant advantage of this mini device during traveling.  Also, the lithium battery incorporated supports A2DP, AVRCP, and headset. It is a device that can be taken out for physical activities like yoga by the user.


  • Smart Bluetooth connectivity.
  • This device has a range of 10 meters or 30 ft.
  • It has a working time of 11 hours.
  • Easy to carry during travel.


  •  It works with a Bluetooth system with line insight. 
  • Sound cracks sometimes

3) Drumstone Multimedia

Drumstone TG 113 10 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Portable Outdoor...

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This is a 5 point multifunction Bluetooth speaker that perfectly fits with modern technology. It is the latest sound technology that provides optimum experience in the form of energy to emotional touch. It has ultra boost sound technology that perfectly works in a movie-watching experience. This Bluetooth device is compact and is perfect in hand carriable design that allows the user to sing and dance along with it. There are no more worries for the user to enjoy a party with this compact and portable Bluetooth device.

This audio device gives a perfect auditory experience with Bluetooth technology of version 4.1. You can easily connect your device with this portable Bluetooth system. You can also play music from FM radio, TF card, and auxiliary input from any analog sound device during travel. It has an in-built rechargeable battery of 1800 mAh. It is a unique compact design Bluetooth speaker who works well with mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other Bluetooth devices.


  • It comes with a hook strap design.
  • It has a powerful Lithium Battery.
  • It works in a range of 10 meters. 
  • It has a working time of 11 hours.


  • Sound cracks sometimes in this portable device.
  • You do not get connectivity to AI systems such as Google and Alexa

4) Artis BT08 Wireless Portable Bluetooth

Artis BT08 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Aux...

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This wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with an AUX input, micro sd card reader, and speakerphone. These are perfect for calling hands-free with an elevated sound. It is a plastic body Bluetooth speaker that comes with Top Firing 3W RMS speakers. You get dynamic sound effects with crystal clear sound playback from these portable Bluetooth speakers. This device is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery of 400 mAh for extended usage. You also get a TF card slot, AUX-in point, and an LED light indicator in this portable device.

It is one of the best affordable Bluetooth speakers that are suitable for hands-free calling. You can easily answer or reject calls while listening to music. This device allows them to listen to music with adjustable sound movement buttons such as previous, next, pause, etc. Its battery is able to recharge within two hours completely, and the device comes with a 40 mm and 3W driver. It is a 90 grams portable Bluetooth device that comes with a micro USB charging cable and user manual.


  • It has 20 hours of standby after charging.
  • You get 10 meters of operating range. 
  • Perfect playback sound. 
  • It can be used as a tabletop.


  • It has a playback time of 3 to 4 hours.
  • Small battery

5) Shava Night Light with Bluetooth

SHAVA 7 3 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker (White)

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It is an outdoor Bluetooth speaker that comes with touch control. It is equipped with mood lamps that are perfect for enhancing the ambiance of a room. You get a wireless music player and hands-free speakerphone in this portable Bluetooth speaker. It is an all-purpose speaker that can also act as a table lamp and provide night light for children. This Bluetooth device comes with three levels of brightness of warm tones and can be switched easily by simply tapping the speaker mesh. The LED lights add life to a dull room.

You can easily play your favorite music on this Bluetooth wireless device through multiple medium sources such as a micro sd card, 3.5 mm audio cable connection, and any other Bluetooth compatible device. This device has a built-in mic that supports hands-free calling. You also get a built-in noise cancellation software, which makes this device one of the best portable devices in terms of speakerphones. In this Bluetooth speaker, you are able to operate an audio playback of more than 10 hours, which is because of its large battery.


  • Sensible speakerphone 
  • All in one speaker with multiple uses
  • 0.75-pound weight portable speaker
  • Perfect for children and while traveling


  • Small battery
  • Sound cracks up with technical glitches at times. 


It is a powerful speaker with extra bass equipped with IPX 7 technology, which makes this speaker waterproof and scratch proof. It is suitable for people who are active and have an outdoorsy lifestyle. With this portable speaker, you get a speakerphone that is perfect for Voice and video calling as it is designed with echo canceling and noise-canceling features for calls. It is a high-quality Bluetooth speaker that is designed with IPX 7 technology making it splash proof and dustproof. This portable device is made up of high-end quality material that beautifies your accessory.

This Bluetooth device supports FM radio, TF card, AUX playback, and USB portable system along with Bluetooth connectivity providing the user with a range of options for connecting with the source device. This noise-canceling Bluetooth device has a 90db audio to noise ratio and a large battery of 1200 mAh, and a built-in voltage of 3.7V. The lithium battery comes with shell material, and the speakers are equipped with extra bass and waterproof technology that are perfect for an active lifestyle.


  • The device has a smart connecting feature.
  • It can be reached within 33 ft.
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Lightweight and compact. 


  • This device has a playtime of 2 to 3 hours.
  • The sound system breaks in between after long usage

7) Live Tech Portable Yoga Red Bluetooth

Live Tech Portable Yoga Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with...

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This is a superior sound quality portable speaker device that is expanded with a rich bass system. It has been developed to work with Bluetooth technology of the latest version of Bluetooth 4.2. It works under a Bluetooth range of 10 meters. It is an ideal choice for all the music needs of a consumer. This device has a compact design that helps the user to carry it at any place anytime. It is also perfect for backpackers as this Bluetooth speaker does not occupy a large amount of space.

The frequency response of the speaker is 280 Hz to 16kHz. This speaker provides the user with high-quality music and making it the best option for yoga practices and to play music while doing any other activity. The speaker has built-in push buttons on the top that can be used to change the mode of the speaker from Bluetooth to USB, MicroSD card, FM radio, and AUX cable as this device supports all these sources of music.


  • It has a MicroSD card and USB slots of up to 32 GB
  • It is a knitted fabric design.
  • This device has a classy and elegant look.
  • The LED indicator turns off automatically when the battery is fully charged.


  • This portable device is not suitable for radio usage.
  • It does not support hands-free calling.

8) Devcool LED Touch Lamp

Devcool Wireless USB Rechargeable Portable HiFi LED Touch...

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It is a smart touch LED mood lamp that supports wireless music to enhance the mood of a room. It is a multifunctional Bluetooth speaker that emanates a soft light that does not hurt the eyes of the user. This device can be used as a night lamp in children’s rooms or in a dark room. This smart device has a battery stereo of 3W. It is equipped with warm light and colorful lights mode that changes up to three levels of brightness. The user can easily tap on the sensor ring to change the color light mode of the speaker.

It can change up to seven colors, and it depends upon the volume of the music. It is one of the best wireless portable speakers for audiobooks and music that perfectly handles the mood of a room. Users can also use it in their children’s room as help in night light for kids and for camping as well. This portable device has a premium battery, and you also get an input system of AUX cable and TF card that allows the user to play music from iPod and mp3 players through a 3.5 mm audio jack.


  • It has a metal handle that makes it convenient for camping.
  • It has a rechargeable battery of 1500 mAh.
  • It supports 14 hours of playtime on medium brightness light.
  • It takes 2 hours to charge fully.


  • The Voice of this system is not so loud.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is not automatic

9) Live Tech BS01 Melody Portable

Live Tech BS01 Melody Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers...

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It is a pocket portable Bluetooth device that comes with a rechargeable battery and has an average life of one hour. It is perfect for people in a closed room to enjoy with their friends and family. This device is compatible with all Bluetooth-friendly devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and etcetera. It has an overall playtime of 60 to 80 minutes at full volume and has a battery of 400 mAh.

This Bluetooth speaker gives an incredible sound quality performance as it is equipped with a 3 W speaker driver that is perfect for rich and deep quality sound. A user is always advised to charge the device completely before using it. Also, the battery charging time of this device depends upon the existing battery and charger specifications. This device usage time depends upon the charge in the battery, its music mode, and the volume level. It is a tabletop outdoor speaker that works perfectly inside the room. It is a lightweight, portable speaker that weighs around 250 grams.


  • Lightweight device
  • Perfect for indoor activities
  • Compact design
  • Incredible sound quality


  • It is not suitable for radio usage.
  • You do not get a speakerphone for hands-free calling

10) KLUZIE Portable Rechargeable

POWERPACT Stereo Sound with 3D Audio Wireless Portable...

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It is a powerful wireless portable Bluetooth speaker that is equipped with Bluetooth of version 4.0 technology. You get a superior sound quality with extended playtime. Moreover, this device offers a flashlight and breathable sleep light. The powerful lithium-ion super battery has a large capacity of music playback to play and enjoy music anywhere, anytime. This device supports a TF card function of up to 32 GB. The Bluetooth transmission of this device is up to 20 meters, which makes it an excellent option for outdoor sports, exercise, travel, etc.

You get dual speakers with a bass diaphragm that works at 360 Degree and gives 4-D panoramic sound effects. The bass of this portable Bluetooth device is more robust and provides a HiFi sound quality. This Bluetooth device has a built-in LED light system that changes colors while playing music and turning off the device. It has Bluetooth connectivity that is more stable, faster, and effective under a 10-meter distance. You also get a built-in high definition speakerphone that is perfect for people who love calling while doing daily chores.


  • It has an intelligent noise reduction technology.
  • This device has a built-in 1200 mAh lithium battery.
  • It has music playing time of 10 hours.
  • It supports U Disk/ TF card/ AUX playback and all other Bluetooth devices.


  • This device has a charging time of 4 hours.
  • The connectivity of this Bluetooth device is not automatic

Buying Guide for Best Bluetooth Speakers under 500

Key Points to Consider Before Purchasing a Bluetooth Speaker Device

1- Price

Bluetooth speakers come with a premium price, but there are multiple affordable options. And one does not need to spend a fortune to get a quality speaker.

2- Portability and Design

 Many companies have a dozen bulky speakers that do not look good for an outgoing lifestyle. One must always consider buying speakers that are both well designed and portable. 

3- Sound Quality

Consumers often make the mistake of buying Bluetooth speakers that lack good quality sound. One must buy a Bluetooth speaker that offers good quality stereo sound and some measurable bass.

4- Water and Scratch Resistance

Speakers equipped with IPX 6, IPX 7, IPX 5 technology offer water-resistant and scratch resistance that makes these speakers perfect for outdoor activities and taking these portable devices to their optimum usage.

5- Battery Life

Most Bluetooth speakers provide a battery life of 6 to 10 hours on average. But a good Bluetooth speaker must have a battery life of 10 hours to provide non-stop entertainment to the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of IP ratings?

IP ratings stand for Ingress Protection and are used as the international standard to tell the amount of protection that an electronic device has against water and dust.

What is the meaning of IPX7 rated speakers?

An IPX7 rated Bluetooth speaker can be taken underwater without any worries. A rating of 7 means your Bluetooth device can handle pressure from 15 cm to 1 meter of depth.

Is there any effect of saltwater on an IPX 7 rated speaker?

Pool water is optimum for submersion of portable speakers, but taking them into ocean water can be risky as these ratings are given according to normal water.

Is it possible to pair Bluetooth speakers with one another?

Yes, it is possible to pair two Bluetooth speakers with one another when they are from the same company and the same model as many brands are offering this technology to lure the consumers.

Why should one consider Bluetooth speakers of good wattage?

The outcome of a Bluetooth device is measured in the quality of sound and its overall playtime that is completely dependent upon the wattage of a Bluetooth speaker. It is advised to have speakers with stereo speaker systems and subwoofers.


All the Portable Bluetooth speakers mentioned above are some of the best options available in the online marketplace that delivers to the needs of most of the consumers. Despite the fact that every consumer is different from one another, every consumer deserves a portable speaker that fits their need and character. These Bluetooth speakers are powerful, compact, and easy to carry around, making them a perfect fit for dancing and enjoying with your friends and family.

They even facilitate you with a great movie watching experience with crystal-clear sound with accurate notes. These adorable shaped portable Bluetooth speakers are best to add a pop in your bags and let you connect with your source devices anywhere and anytime. Over and above, also get a traveling partner with this portable Bluetooth speaker under budget.

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